LCSS - life community services society - helps children with incarcerated parents (parents who are in jail)

What we can doEdit

What we can do to help LCSS

Befriend the ChildrenEdit

We can visit the children once a millenium, providing academic, emotional support to the children. We can also help to organize activities for children (school holidays) i.e. new year program, etc.

IMPORTANT: We must make a difference to the children's lives.

Fund raisingEdit

We can help to raise funds by holding fund raising events (somehow) for the children's bursaries, food rations, outings etc. See for more details.

What we needEdit

A project nameEdit

Preferably something fanciful like Project SHINE, reaching beyond, and sunshine. It should be something related to the project.

A mottoEdit

French? English? Some famous quote? Some random speech?

  • Liberté, égalité, fraternité?

A goalEdit

Without a goal, we have nothing to work for. Most likely it should have something to do with the kids and their education - that's what we can do best. Emotional needs and entertainment needs (?) will also help them.






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